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Brazil Presentation

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Alyssa Dorothy

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Brazil Presentation

Beautiful Brazil
By Alyssa, Brooke, Mia, and Paige

The Wonderful Brazilian Flag
The Culture of Brazil
Brazil has one of the world's most distinct cultures. The reason is because Brazil has so many different nationalaties. Presently, Brazil has a population of about one-hundred- ninety-million people. The language most spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. Fourty-six days before Easter, Brazil celebrates with a Carnaval (as shown below↓). Brazil also has a very good taste in music! We have a really good song to let you listen to and we hope you enjoy it!
The Government Of Brazil
Brazil is a federal presidential republic, depending on democracy. The federal government in Brazil is found in their capital, Brasilia. The government of Brazil is cut up into 26 states. Some of the states in the government are as follows(these are not all of them): Acre, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sergipe. The federal government has three independent branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.
The Natural Resources Of Brazil
Brazil is one of the countries that have many natural resources. Some of the natural resources are as follows: clay, sand, gold, limestone, and tin. As you can tell, these are not made by hand. These resources are used to make many things, such as the following: clay can make pots, sand could help make glass, gold can make many kinds of jewlery, limestone can make buildings and roads, and tin can make cans to hold food.
Geography Through The Eyes Of People
As we said in the beginning of the presentation, Brazil is one of the biggest countries in South America. This country is slightly smaller than the U.S.! Brazil covers about 47% of Latin America land. Presently, our country is the fifth biggest country in the world. The land is exactly 3,287,612 square miles big. Brazil boarders Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, and Argentina.
Yummy Food
Brazil has many yummy foods. Today, we will be serving you some Pizza A Portuguesa and a berry smoothie. In the berry smoothie, we have some bananas, blueberries, raspberries, yogurt, and milk. The pizza has mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, olives, and a homemade crust. We hope you enjoy our foods!
Our Beautiful Country
This video will show you a wonderful tour of our country, Brazil. This video includes the following things: the Amazon River, Christ the Redeemer (statue), Salvador (the largest city on the northeast coast of Brazil), Manaus, and the Pantanal.
Brazil's flag has a green background with a large yellow diamond in the center. In the middle of the diamond, there is a blue globe containing 27 white stars (each with five points). Like the American Flag, each star represents a state within the country. Across the globe, there is a white banner that says, "Ordem E Progresso." In English, it means "Order and Progress."
Fun Game!
We are going to play a very fun game called Jeopardy with you guys! We hope you have fun and remember that the questions are based on the Prezi!

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