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Pluralism-Find a balance

No description

Tony Farina

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Pluralism-Find a balance

Where do you find Pluralism?
The US government has a pluralistic design with three branches of government and competing parties.
Your turn
In this week's discussion, you will apply pluralism. Consider all that you have read, what you know about Liberal Arts education and pluralism and apply it to the discussion. You do not have to change your mind, but you need to keep yours open.
Pluralism in action
Pluralism allows change. Think about all the change that has come into the world because of more than one voice getting equal time.
Why is pluralism important?
Without pluralism, one voice would decide everything. Remember School House Rock? You can watch if you want to.
Pluralism-Find a balance
Pluralism. What is it?
Depending on where you look, pluralism can mean different things. The simplest definition is: a group of people with different beliefs who choose to live or work together. All ideas are welcome and fair and honest debate is allowed and expected.
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