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Developmental Delays

No description

Brianna Dennison

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Developmental Delays

What are some the causes of developmental delays?
Today at least 10% of toddlers and preschool children are classified as developmentally delayed. The two main causes are classified as genetic influences and environmental influences.
How were people with developmental delays treated, especially during the 1900s-1950s?
People with Developmental disabilities were not treated well throughout the years of 1900 - 1950’s. If a baby was born with a developmental delay, they would have been treated like slaves,maked fun of and abused.Parents who had sons or daughters that had a developmental delay created a movement for a better life for people with developmental delays around 1950.
What are Some Symptoms of Developmental Delays?
Some symptoms of
development delays are:
Developmental Delays
Genetic influences
environmental influences
Accidents, exposure to toxins, illnesses, and cultural disadvantages such as being raised in poor living conditions are all environmental influences.
Define Developmental Delay
Developmental delay is a condition in which there is a significant delay in the process of development. Without special intervention it is likely that the child will not be able to attain normal developmental milestones such as educational performance.
-Unable to communicate thoroughly and often has trouble speaking
-Difficulty while preforming tasks
-Can't follow instructions
- Unable to interact with others

developmental delay could be inherited from a parent
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