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MSIS604 Final Presentation

Team Blackberry

Amin Behdad

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of MSIS604 Final Presentation

Kataneh Bozorgmehri Fard Da Mao Hui Xue Zaiyue Lu Amin Behdad Chaona Zhang Agenda Timeline Recommendations Applications, Applications, Applications 1984 1999 2007 2012 Mike Lazardis and Douglas Fregin
BlackBerry Co-Founders Launch of First BlackBerry
RIM's sales increased 160 percent, hitting $221 million in the BlackBerry's second year Apple Google Microsoft New CEO New Name Playbook BlackBerry 10 Layoffs Installed Base & Users Interest Lack of Applications BB Efforts Better Tools and SDK Developer Encouragement Integrated Carrier Billing Five Forces Analysis Protect their high end enterprise/government market

Focus on high quality applications and not just the shear number of apps

Target global markets Strategy Analysis Target professionals in enterprise and government sectors
- “Easy in, Impossible Out”

Enterprise / Government -> Prosumer -> Consumer
- Incompatible Business and Innovation Model Background and History
Five Forces Analysis
Ecosystem Analysis
Strategy Analysis
BlackBerry's Future
Recommendations BlackBerry's Future BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
- Comparable products with Apple and Samsung
- BB 10 offers many features geared towards enterprise

Marketing - Alicia Keys as the Global Creative Director
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