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Social Media Marketing Campaign

No description

Anita Picco

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media
H&M Currently uses:
Mobile apps
Our Goal
The Swift Summer
Style Contest
Our Marketing Campaign
The Company
How to do it:
Use your own H&M clothes and take a picture
Purchase new H&M clothes to create an outfit
Use the dressing rooom application
The public will be invited to vote for the outfit they want to see Taylor wearing
With Taylor Swift
Videos with Taylor Swift reaching out to consumers and explaining contest rules
Video diary of event
Other social media platforms will be used in addition to facebook
Taylor Swift will choose the winner from the top ten entries
Target Audience
Positioning Statement
Women age 18-35
Low to middle income
Generation Y
Current Marketing Strategy:
Staying trendy without breaking the bank
Website follows fashion news, style tips interviews and look books
Supports and features up and coming fashion bloggers
Visual content on web pages
H&M Conscious collection
H&M Life = Lifestyle Hub
Brand community
Shopping is a social activity
Want more for less
Hennes & Maurits is a Swedish retail-clothing company with about 2, 900 stores around the world
H&M offers fashion for men, women, and children
They carry clothing, accessory, and makeup lines
"H&M's fashion comprises a phenomenal range of fashion for all, always with a focus on quality, sustainability, and the best price."
What They're Lacking:
Consumer generated content
Social media buzz
Targeted campaigns for younger audience
Engage a younger female demographic
Create buzz
Align ourselves with an opinion leader
Primary Research:
Consumers will create an outfit for Taylor Swift to wear to the MMVA's and post it to our facebook application
The Prize:
Backstage pass for the show
Taylor Swift wears the winning outfit
Video diary of the event
In Conclusion
H&M is a successful lifestyle brand that produces good quality, trendy clothing for all
This campaign results in value expressive influence for consumers
H&M should create an online store in the future
Tweet ideas and inspiration for outfits
Updates and reminders about the contest
What is it?
Netnography- tweets re: dressing room app
Interviews with fashion students
Campaign Influence
Reward power - consumers get votes/likes for posting outfits & could win a prize
Referent power - Swift is a reference group that elevates brand & people want to copy
By: Julie Kaplan, Cole Banning, Anastasia Christakis, Anita Picco & Tetyana Skydan
Social Media Marketing Campaign
The End
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