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The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet:

No description

Ariel Foy

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet:

The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet:
Six Songs, Six Scenes

The First Kiss
Juliet is Forced to Marry Paris
Caught Out There- Kelis
I chose this song purely for the chorus 'I hate you so much right now...ahhhh'. I am pretty sure Juliet wanted to scream this to her parents and the nurse as well.
The Balcony Scene
Romeo & Juliet Kill Themselves
A ball in Capulet's house, the scene of the party
Romeo thinks twice about going to the Capulet party. There is an eerie feeling as Romeo joins Mercutio and Benvolio in the square and Tybalt is there.
Teedra Moses- Be Your Girl
I selected this song for this particular scene because as the lyrics state, Juliet is thinking out loud to herself about how lovely Romeo is and that she wants Romeo to be hers, despite the fact that he is a Montague.
Robin Thicke- Feel Good
This song is perfect for depicting what both Romeo and Juliet are asking each other before they finalize their marriage plans.
Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Cassie- Kiss Me
Beanie Siegel- Feel It in the Air
I Swear- All 4 One
I selected this song for its message. With lyrics such as 'I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky..I'll be there...til death do us part' coupled with the vibe of the song it is perfect.
I selected this song for the party because it talks about dancing and just having fun, which is the purpose of a party.
I chose this song for the scene because as the title implies, someone is yearning for a kiss. Romeo desperately wants to kiss Juliet and Juliet doesn't resist.
This song talks directly to the feeling Romeo has before crashing the party. He can't shake the dream he had, as the song says, ' he can FEEL something in the air' and it isn't a good feeling.
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