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No description

Meghan Cude

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of CHARACTERS

9th Grade English hero/heroine of literary work
leading character

Batman Protagonist Antagonist opponent/adversary
competes against lead character
often called the "villain"

The Joker Character that undergoes a permanent change
Think Dynamite!!!!!! Dynamic Character Static Character character who does not change.
Think Static Cling Character whose personality, background,
motives and features are fully disclosed by
the author Round Character Flat Character very little information about the character is given by the author but they still serve a purpose in the work Make the characteristics and personality of the protagonist stand out. They can be either a friend or an enemy.
Often have conflicting personalities and dissimilar physical features. Tall vs. short, Blonde vs. Brunette, etc.

Character Foils
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