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Digital Social Stories

No description

Stephanie Ingersoll

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Digital Social Stories

How to Create Digital Social Stories
by Stephanie Ingersoll and Brittany Tracy

Components of Social Stories
Write Your Own Social Story
Viewing Complete Digital Social Stories
Create a Digital Social Story
Share Your Digital Social Story
How to Brew the Perfect Social Story
Use two to five cooperative, descriptive, perspective, and/or affirmative sentences for every directive or control sentence.
See the next slide for definitions and examplesof sentence types.
Now you try
Use the provided storyboard and the story you wrote to create a rough draft of your digital social story.
Remember digital stories can have pictures, printed words, music and/or voice overs.
The elements you chose to include should appear on your storyboard.
Digital Social Story
Here are two examples of digital stories. Click on each to view them. Listen for sentence type and structure.
Now you try
Write a Social Story that would help a student during a time of social difficulty.
Being bumped by their locker
What to do when on the bus
When a classmate is annoying
Make sure to use the correct type and number of sentences.
Did you see all the components?
Did making the social story digital make it more appealing?
What are the advantages of the social stories being digital?
Create and Share
Create your digital social story using Prezi, Windows MovieMaker, or EduCreations (on the iPad).
Upload your digital social story to YouTube
Post the link to your digital social story on the Vspace message board
Enjoy other stories made by your classmates
Okada, S., Ohtake, Y., & Yanagihara, M. (2008). Effects of perspective sentences in social stories on improving the adaptive behaviors of students with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 43 (1), 46 – 60.

Writing Your Social Story
Text for slide
Description or sketch of image used
Music or Voice Over
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