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No description

natalie jurjevic

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Cake

Main Character
Alicia Ramirez [ Ali ]
Character I want to be friends with
Definetly Ali. Though she may be mean sometimes, she never gives up. She tries and tries but won't give up.
Cause and Effect
C. Ali's dad's business is about to close.
Alicia Ramirez is a girl at Oak Canyon Middle School. Ali's family owns a small bakery called Say It With Flour. Their business is failing and Ali tries to save it. Will She save it, or will their business close. Read this great book to find out.
I give my book a
The End
Supporting Characters
Suzanne Nelson
Tansy [ bff ]
Gwen [ bff ]
Lesser Character
Mom [ who is dead ]
Roberto [ little brother ]
Renata DeLuca's [ t.v. star ]
E. Ali enters in a bake off to cater a party so she can get her Dad's business back with business.
C. Their business is almost closed.
E. Ali's dad lets here sell here cake pops
Main Idea
A new business called Perk Up moves into town and is driving Say It With Flour out of business. Ali needs to save their business, but how?
Say It With Flour
Has to do with the solution of the story. It also, has to do with the new boy at school.
Where did this title come from?
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