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W.H Auden, As I walked out one evening analysis.

No description

English Poem

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of W.H Auden, As I walked out one evening analysis.

POEMS Lavina Tam
Nicole Peng As I Walked Out One Evening By W. H. Auden 4 Questions What is this poem about? What themes are present in this poem? When was it written? What style is it written in? This poem is about.... A man who goes out for a stroll one evening.... When he hears two lovers.... Expressing their love for each other down by a river. A lover would say... love has no end. How they'll love each other till the end and that their love is eternal. However... This man thinks differently... He does not believe love can conquer all... because he knows time can conquer all. Time will kill them... and their love will die with them as they are being swallowed by time and death. The second question we will be answering is.... This poem was written in.... 1937-1940.... Onto our third question, which will be.... It is debatable as to when this poem was written. Many sources have different answers, but one thing for sure is that it was published in 1940. There are two major themes in this poem. Love Conquers All Love? Infinite and... Time Conquers All The theme "Love Conquers All" The reasons as to why this is a theme. This poem is focused around the lovers and how they believe that their love can conquer all. Also half the poem gives examples as to how their love will cause magical things to happen. For example..... They say their love can... Cause rivers to jump over mountains which is fancy talk for go upstream. Last until China meets Africa and the continents become Pangaea again Last until the oceans dry and turns to nothing but sand Etc... The theme "Time Conquers All" The reasons as to why this is a theme This poem is in the eyes of a skeptic. He doesn't believe that love can conquer all because plainly it can't. He believes that time can conquer all because everything will age. The second half of this poem is focused around the idea "Time Conquers All". Some examples from the poem include..... Time will.... Cause them to age. Kill them and their love Let you realize each others bad qualities Let you find new love and leave your current one. The final question we will be answering is... This poem is written in the style of.... A Ballad This poem has the qualities of a ballad such as... Stanzas that are in quatrains. An "ABCB" rhyme scheme Iambic Trimeter/Tetrameter Fact: W.H Auden stated that "As I Walked Out One Evening" was intended to be a song, again relating to the fact that this poem is a ballad. Now... Onto our art piece.... The art piece we chose is opposed to the idea of eternal and infinite love because one of the themes of this poem is "Time Conquers All." According to this poem... Love will never prevail. Time will always take everyone on a trip called death, which is why we decided that this picture would be the most relevant and to this poem. We believe... It could mean... That time will only kill you. Nothing will outlast time. Love can not outlast time, you can not outlast time because time is the only thing that is truly infinite in the human mind. Even when you die, time will only go on. Time is a calculation of numbers, and as we all know, numbers are infinite. It could also mean... That time and death are siblings. They go hand in hand with each other. As if they've already signed a contract before time even began. Death is the holder of time. As if the hour glass in the photo is only to remind you how much time you have left. This picture only emphasizes the idea of time conquering all, but what if... Well think of this. If you could never die, you would only watch your friends and family die, causing you nothing but pain and agony. In the end, you'll only suffer because you tried to beat time, beat the idea of death because of time. Time will only bring out the ugly. Your once beautiful skin will start to sag. Those eyes that once sang cheerful songs will lose hope and see hatred within others. You will go from a young joyful soul to a bitter hag because everything will fade with time. Beauty, love, happiness. The reason why we chose a skeleton for this photo because we wanted to demonstrate that there will be nothing left of you. You will be hollow, heartless, soulless, emotionless, dead, but yet time will still keep going. The hour glass in the picture is still perfect and it will only ever be perfect. You can never win with time. Do you ever think you have more than enough time for something and you end up slacking off? Time is deceiving you and everything you know. In the end you end up with not enough time because time made you think that you had more time than you actually did. Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time? Plainly because you don't have enough time, but when will you ever have enough? Everything you do will take time. What is love compared to time? This idea of love... When did it become superior to time? Time is a clear image to all that it will run out for them and they will die, but in this poem, love tries to challenge this idea by saying how love will defeat all. W.H Auden is only trying to remind those out there that love isn't the world. Time is a component of love. Love is grown from time and effort, but without time, love is nothing as well. Time does conquer all. There is no way to beat time. Through time, you will die. If you're immortal, then time will lead you to your own destruction because you will be driven to insanity. There is absolutely no way to win time because anyway you try, will only cause you to suffer the consequences. So the lovers in this poem are foolish because the only thing that awaits them is death, pain, and agony. That this photo has more than one meaning. Time What if you gave up your death. You would never be able to die. How would time win if you never lose, if you never die? Tempus Vincit Omnia
(Time Conquers All) End. Again here you can see that love is only a small component within time. Thank you This picture is called Skeleton Holding Hourglass by Otto Bettmann
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