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Career Analysis Project #2

No description

Madison Gullifer

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis Project #2

INSTRUMENTALIST RESPONSIBILITIES The responsibility of an instrumentalist
is to play his/her music correctly in order
for the orchestra or band to sound good. Education There is not really a required education
to become a professional instrumentalist.
You just have to be good at playing your
instrument. Salary Range for this career $24,121-$89,716
It all depends on how good you are, or how good your orchestra or band is. The future of this career is going
to be great, because no matter
where you are, there will always
be music. People like listening to
music on their iPods and companies
need people to record for their songs. The future of this career Future demand for this career This career will be in demand in the U.S.
anywhere people want to hear music,
which is pretty much anywhere. Technology There is not a whole lot of technology
used in this job other than recording
devices. Most of this job is done live, so
all you have to do is make sure you play
your part well. Customers and business interactions The actual musicians do not really
meet with customers and other
businesses. Most transactions are
done by the executives in the
company, not the performers.
Customers just pay to see them play,
with the occassional meet and greet
with fans. Problem-solving in
math and science There is not much science involved in this career, so there is not a lot of problem-solving involving science. Math is used in this career when the musician counts to keep in time. Without math, the band would be offbeat and they would not sound good together. Written and Verbal Communications In music, you do not really need to worry
about communication with your group.
All you have to do is play your part correctly.
As a musician, you do not really deal with
customers on a regular basis, so verbal
communication is not a big deal from that
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