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No description

Erin Fontenot

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Grace

After original sin, it became harder for us to keep natural law.
Through the merits of Jesus Christ, God infuses grace into our soul. He gives us grace so that we can get to Heaven.
There are two types of grace: sanctifying grace and actual grace.
We can receive more grace by receiving the Sacraments. Grace can be increased through prayer and good deeds done out of love.
The most precious thing we have on earth is grace. The most horrible is to sin.
God gives each one of us enough grace to reach Heaven. We just need to cooperate with it!
Sanctifying grace
Actual grace
Helps us in a particular situation to choose the good!
Baptism and Penance give sanctifying grace when there is not any of it in the soul. The other sacraments are received while we are in a state of grace and increase grace in our souls.
The grace we receive at Confirmation helps us to be loyal to our faith and to profess it courageously.
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