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Mike Graham

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Memories

Memory 2
This year we had a contest in Mobymax with math, reading, and science questions to answer. The contest was to see who correctly answered the most questions. I won with the score 3,104. It was a really fun contest to have that year in Fourth Grade.
Memory 1
One memory I had was when I brought in cupcakes for my birthday and then everybody finished their cupcake and went outside. But Ava stayed in so that she could push all of the crumbs off of peoples desks into her mouth. Her whole face was covered with crumbs and Mrs. Thompson got her on video.
Memory 3
Another memory I had that was funny was when Mr. Graham said I would be in an alley way and try to trade somebody five 1 dollar bills for a 100 dollar bill, because I would be giving them 5 objects and they would be giving me 1.
Memory 4
Recently we had a Field Day in the Fourth Grade. There were many activities to do. One of the activities was a softball throw. In the softball throw I got 3rd Place with a score of 117 feet. It was really fun.
This year I have had some really good, funny, exciting, and fantastic memories. So today I would like to share some of them with you. I hope you enjoy all of these great memories I have had this year in Fourth Grade.
Memory 5
Another memory was in I.E. when we were doing word math problems. In the story problem it said how many hotdog buns did he buy. Charles kept saying they were "Hot Buns."
Memory 6
In the middle of the school year we were in Mr. Graham 's class working on a paper and then , all of a sudden Ava saw a big spider and screamed at the top of here lungs, and she jumped onto her chair. She was really scared. Let's hope she will never see a spider again.
By: Quincey Baumgartner
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