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Copy of Trail of Tears & Holocaust

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Katie Scarbrough

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Trail of Tears & Holocaust

The Holocaust and Trail of Tears The Holocaust and Trail of Tears were the same in many different ways. The Holocast who and what its about The people that were involed in the Holocaust were the Nazis and the Jews. The Jews weren't the only ones that the Nazis and Hilter were after. Gypsies, homosexuals, and other minority groups. But Jews where the main ones. The Holocaust was the mass murder of the Jews. When and Where the Holocaust took place The Holocaust took place in In Germany and other countries that the Nazis were in control of. The other courtries are citizens of Poland, Russia, Hungary and several other central and eastern European countries.
In the time of late 1938 and ended in 1945, during World War II.
Why and how the Holocaust happen The Nazis would ship Jews to concentration camps by trains, vans, and so on. There were three different types of concentration camps: Red Cross camps, Work camps, and Death camps. They were forced to labor for the Nazis at the work camps and were treated harshley. At the Red Cross camps, the Red Cross would be aloud to go to those camps and medically attend to the Jews. At the death camps, the Jews would be gassed or killed in some other way. Eventually, though, most Jews would have to go to the death camps.
The Jews were killed in various ways. They were either worked to death, killed in gas camps, or killed by other cruelities. Then their remains were used for various items such as soap, lamp shades, ect. They would take the gold teeth out of people after they were gassed. There was a vault found with 384 pounds of gold teeth. Trail of Tears The Tail of Tears was when the federal government persuaded a few Cherokee to sign a treaty to give up land. They removed the Cherokee from their homes and lead them to the west. Cherokee Most Cherokee(17,000) refused to honor the treaty. They wrote protest letter to government and people of the United States. The many people that were involed were the Cherokee, President Jackson, General Winfield Scott, 7,000 federal troops, Chief Justice John Marshall. Facts about the Cherokee Cherokee were in Georgia
refused to give up land
Cherokee sued the state
government and eventually took their case to supreme court How they are the same they both were removed from their homes,
suffered loss of loved ones
Explaining They both had to leave their homes.
In the holocaust and trail of tears they lost loved ones. They both were dying of diseases from other people. They had tortue chambers for the holocaust (gas chambers). Then the trail of tears you could have to walk for miles everyday and night. It came down to canabolism.
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