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No description

Jordyn Privitera

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Coatimundi

Coatimundi is spanish for mexican raccoon. They look alike right but coati are really in the lemur family raccons and coati are just cousins.
If you want more information about raccoons vist also coatimundi live in south america and mexico they used the little brige that develop inbewteen them
<img src="http://smithsonianscience.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Raccoon_Procyon_lotor_2-630x531.jpg" alt="Raccoon_(Procyon_lotor)_2"/>
Coatis food web
here is a real food web for coatis you can also vist this web site.
<img src="http://earjecosystem.weebly.com/uploads/4/4/5/4/4454526/6397376.jpg?573" alt="Picture"/>
Right here
This is what coati are eaten by
This too!!!
Poor hamster
They love to take extra room!
Yeah more room !
and we do NOT like to be your personal Pet!
Help me

For more information vist BBC
This is what a coati sounds like
Coati eat these berrys they are producers
this is a tucan its a consumer
this is a coati skull
This is a swift they are consumers
Scientist do not know enough about them or their personalitys so we go on
This is a cabybara

This is a coatimundi baby it is a omnivor which actully makes him a consumer
This is a fungi no it is not fun nor is it a guy it is a decomposer
This is a boa constrictor it is a consumer
This is a jagur and they are mean and everyon knows that they are a conumer
This is a hawk they are a consumer too
This is Iguazu Falls
coati eat these too they are consumers
Coati brain
this is a white-nosed Coati,s brain
The latitude and longitude of iguazu falls
This is a mosqueto
This is a butterfly
You will be going into the life of a coati when you pass this
This is a crocodile
It eats fish and it is a consumer
This is a clouded leopard it is a consumer
this is a snapping turtle is a consumer
you will now see the coatis wilderness
It is a consumer
All Done! but we arent kitten about this at least 1 coatimundi is killed everyday
OH!! man thats funny!
I think the coatimundi part with them dieing everyday is sad
By: Jordyn Privitera
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