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Jessica Draper

No description

Jessica Draper

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Jessica Draper

2. Experiences
"Outside issues are probably the main difficulty I experience dealing with young teens, especially young female teens" (K)
Interview Question: What are some of the challenges you face when working with adolescent girls as a high-school coach?
1. Cliques and Crowds
- Being a group of individuals sharing a common goal or interest
Why Kelsey?
She was a very inspirational person to me throughout my soccer career
1. Feelings
"I realized that adolescents have grasped the idea of leading by example" (K)
Jessica Draper
Interview Analysis Presentation
Interview Summary
In Relation to Class
Hearing her not only talk about the challenges, but expressing her reasons why she loves what she does helped me keep my interest in following the same career. Her positive attitude on how dealing with adolescents can be extremely difficult but doable was extremely reassuring
30 years old
Local High-school Soccer coach
Volunteer College Coach
Kelsey enlightened my view on what to expect when working with adolescents.
1) She expressed her feelings toward adolescents
2) Experiences with her players
3) How she dealt with a team full of young teenage girls
4) Why she chose this job

3. How to Deal
"I made sure that the girls knew they all had the same goal in mind; winning" (K)
4. Why this Job
"I wanted to influence the girls in the way I was influenced during my adolescence" (K)
Kelsey confirmed a lot of the challenges with adolescents that I learned about in class
&Sexual Identity
For example
2. Sexual Identity
- Bullying
- Misunderstood
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