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Should schools be allowed to raise money by selling candy and sugary soft drinks?

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Gianna Marciniak

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Should schools be allowed to raise money by selling candy and sugary soft drinks?

Who knew?
Students consume 35-50% of their daily calories at school

About 40% of all students buy at least 1 snack at school

68% of these students consume sugary drinks

by developing a pattern for eating a low nutrition foods, children increase their risk of developing diet related diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes
according to the NANA ( National Alliance for nutrition and activity)
Sugary, salty, and fatty foods make you crave
and they don't satisfy your hunger! most people then go to drink a soda, for every 12 ounces soda that you drink, you need to drink 32 ounces of water to counter-act the effects that the soda has on your body. Since most people do not want to drink water after they drink soda, they become dehydrated, drink another soda in place of the water and worsen the condition instead of counter-acting it.
(according to an article in health magazine)
So... Schools would be getting more money from students because they are taking advantage of them.

Students will buy more sugary drinks because they are thirstier after drinking a different sugary drink!
Why would this be bad?
Too much secreted insulin can cause too low blood sugar levels leaving you felling shaky and craving more sugar.
What about that blood sugar level?
When your body has high blood sugar levels, your pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin allows sugar to pass into your cells for the required cellular respiration.
Should schools be allowed to raise money by selling candy and sugary drinks to students?
Despite all of this, some people believe that schools SHOULD be permitted to sell sugary foods and sugary drinks to students. Although these sugary foods and drinks may be nice the after effects such as being overweight, having high blood sugar, heart disease or even cancer aren't worth it.
Who cares...right?
These people believe that if the kids want it and are going to buy it, then give it to them!
It's the kid's choice after all...and sometimes this may be true, but having candy and sugary drinks around will make students more likely to buy them
They're wrong!
Schools are taking advantage of the fact that kids will buy sugar and are not looking out for the students' health!

In conclusion schools are saying that it is okay for kids to eat lots of candy everyday! They're giving them an unhealthy mind-set!
They're wrong, and I do not support this so, make the right choice for yourself!
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