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What makes Morrill special?

No description

Michael Beyer

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of What makes Morrill special?

When your child graduates from Morrill...
Competitive for selective enrollment high schools
On-track to be college and career ready
Positive attitude about school
Lifelong learner
Experienced learning and living in a diverse population
Conscious of the global economy and competition
What makes Morrill School special?
Teaching & Learning is fun and challenging!
200+ minutes of literacy every day
75 minutes of math every day
Integrated science and social studies
Art, music, library, technology, & choir
Lots of sports teams!
After-school activities and clubs
Morrill is the only Elementary Convergence Academy
in the Nation!
Problem-solving through experimentation, play, risk, & adaptation
Collaboration with faculty and artists from Columbia College
Integration of digital media with core academic content
Intensive professional development for teachers
Engagement with multiple communities: local and global, physical and virtual
Opportunities to explore digital media and build technology skills
Relevance and real-world experiences for our students
Watch why Morrill is special
Who to contact to learn
more about Morrill
Want to visit the school and take a tour?
Principal Dr. Michael Beyer, 773-535-9285,
Assistant Principal Mr. Keith Mahone, 773-535-9288,
Want help with your child's learning progress?
Mrs. Debbie Niedos, PreK-2nd,
Mrs. Gaby Rodriguez, Bilingual Literacy,
Mrs. Kristin Blathras, Literacy,
Ms. Naomi Castillo, Restorative Justice,
Rocio Silva, Counselor,
Foundation: Children feel safe and welcome at Morrill!
Safety and security
Parental involvement
Positive relationships
Social and emotional growth
Restorative justice
After-school YMCA and Teen REACH
Your neighborhood school...
Your community...
Your family...
Your children...
Your future.
Morrill Eagles
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