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Narritive Writing for ESL Students

No description

Brenda Bogdan

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Narritive Writing for ESL Students

Country From
Narrative Writing for ELL Students
Writing Workshop
Peer Assistance/Native Language Support
Modeling or Shared Writing
Warm-up Activity
Graphic Organizers
Word Banks
Visual Aides (picture dictionaries)
Illustration (student drawings)
Final Process
Visual Aides
Narrative Writing
Can be a personal essay
Should include an introduction, characters, setting, problem, problem solution or conclusion
Introducing the "wh" words to generate ideas

Step by Step, Narrative Writing for ESL Students
The Perils of Indifference
Elie Wiesel's
Paragraph #1
(cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr
Sample Starters
Fill in the Blanks
Graphic Organizer
Word Walls
Thank you,
Brenda Bogdan
Brainstorming key words (use pictures if possible
Sentence Structure (fill in the blanks, vary by level)
Graphic Organizer
Allow use of ELL First Language
Now that you have the information about yourself ready. Fill in the gaps in to complete this descriptive paragraph about yourself.

I am _________ years old, I _________________ (your looks). I wear ________________ because ______________. I am a ______________. I like / don't like my job because _____________________. I enjoy ______________. I often _____________ (describe how often you do your hobby). I also like ________________ (write about another hobby) because ________________. I live in ____________. People in ____________ are ________________ . I enjoy / don't enjoy living in ______________ because ____________.

Peer and/or Teacher Assisted
Scaffolding will help you student understand what is expected from the activity.

Personalizing it will help them get to know you and help them feel comfortable discussing something about themselves.
Can be done on a Smart board as a class or individually with peer

native language should be encouraged

Chain Link Story Link
Peer group activity to retell story
All about me memory jar...
A shoe box can be used also
Visual Aides will help as long as you model what is expected
Self or Peer Editing
Differentiate: fluent speakers of English
Teacher Conferencing and Evaluating
Writer Workshop
Know your audience such as something about their culture
Make your students comfortable with warm up/getting to know you exercise
Choose a topic that is of interest to your students
Model what is expected
Offer feedback/conference
Story Retelling Rope
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