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Introduce J01!!

No description

Jung Younghan

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduce J01!!

[Character Bubble] J01 Passionate J01's character is.. Challenging Patient Making Podcast Making Prezi for Free [Hobby Bubble] I really like to do exercise! Exercise is important in my life So I have done
many kinds of exercises One of them is Hapkido And I have done martial arts I did my show about it
many times! This is my show ! I've done Hapkido for 3 years J01's Life (17-22 years) College grade Freshman Sophomore first semester - 4.06 second semester - 4.12 first semester - 3.82 Business Administration Freshman -Analysis of Business statistics
-Theory of business administration
-Understanding of accounting information
-Understanding of the market economy Sophomore -Marketing management
-Spirit of entrepreneur
-Financial accounting
-Theory of organization behavior
-Theory of consumer behavior
-The Enterprises Act President of Traveling club Hanyang
University College Grade Sophomore first semester - 3.82 [College Life
Bubble] I was on a market for a long time But!! Now, I'm sold out :) Do you think
you had a fulfilling
college life? Yes,
I did !! She is an important person in my life [Jeju Island] [First year anniversary] [Valentine's Day] [Christmas Day] [Mr. Pizza] [Girl Friend Bubble] with passion !! I will charge my life She is a good mentor to me She is my student She is my best friend Hi ! Welcome to
J01's "Prezi Bubbles World" My name is And my nickname is J01 ! YoungHan Jung Managing Blog President of Traveling Group Once I begin, I will always stop only when I am satisfied I did Lineage game for 10 years I was in a basketball group for 3 years When I was high school seniors I studied for 14 hours everyday Actually I didn't studied much before :) I started this game even at 10 years old!! Training was very hard :( in the street basketball competition We won the championship J01 I learned ... Leadership Sociality Team work Driving force Responsibility I participated in school activities I did extra mural activities! Supporter of
Nuclear security summit Kyobo
marketing challenger Team no.5 Leader Interview on half of
kyobo callenger Making podcast Publishing serial posts Promotion Welcoming ceremony Certificate And
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