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Ace Homecare!

Career Shadowing. Morgan Mumbauer

Morgan Mumbauer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ace Homecare!

Ace Homecare! Morgan Mumbauer Homeroom: Fields Medicare Cartifed Home Health Agency Victoria Burch! Our Misson: As a medicare-certified home health agency with
a misson of empowering people towards proactive,
holistic and comprehensive health care in the
comfort of their own home in synergy with their
caregivers and the community. Purpose: Ace Homecare provides services
to in home patients. Nurses, Physical Therapy,
Occupational therapy,
Speech therapy, home
health aide, licensed
medical social workers.
15 Years &nd Counting... In the next 15 years they would like to expand throught out Florida. Employability Skills. *Follow Instructions
*Be on Time
*Be Prepared
*Dress appropriately Salary &nd Education. Technology Used. Ace Homecare Ace Homecare Skills. You must have very well
rounded social skills, due to the
fact you are always talking to
people. Also Marketing skills
because you have to sell your
business. What I Like Best.... * The flexiablity you have
at this job. You make your
own hours and days you
work. Also your not stuck
in an office all day. L.R.M.C What I Disliked... *The fact your stuck in
the Hospital all day long
when your working. I
dont like Hospitals. * Fax Machine
* Monitors hooked to patients,
(heart, breathing, and blood pressure)
* Refusals (done on computers)
* 4 year Nursing Degree.
* Business Degree.

* About 55-75 thousand
a year. My career shadowing
experience was very fun
and enjoyable. My Time... THE
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