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Community building

No description

Cristiana Osan

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Community building

Community building
Ground rules
The role of the emoderator in building an online community
The role of the CPs in community building
Unit forums
should be kept for discussions started by the moderator on topics related to the unit
discussions started by CPs confuse other CPs, clutter the forum and distract from the topic of the unit
make sure you have a social forum where CPs can open their own discussions
contact CPs, explain how to work and delete new discussions
manage longer forum discussions by weaving and summarising.
Social forum
the basis for community building is in the beginning of a course - insist on helping your group gel.
the emod starts the first discussions but then he/she encourages CPs to open threads that are relevant for them
emods insist on netiquette from the very beginning, both with homogeneous and heterogeneous groups
flaming can occur, be prepared to deal with it in a tactful way
contact participants individually and create an opportunity for them to explain themselves.
infographics can be used to present the rules in a more memorable and attractive way
Establishing rapport
acknowledge points by directly referencing them
encourage CPs to make comments on each other's posts
ask high-order thinking questions to encourage participation
support the CPs
Managing forum discussions
show that opinions are accepted
be in control of the situation
ask people directly to state their opinion
gently persuade lurkers to contribute
encourage people to use their own ideas and experiences
weave and summarise each forum discussion
recommend answering the initial questions and then reading contributions
Terms and conditions
bear in mind that they might not be read
you could negotiate a contract with the CPs in the beginning of the course
keep terms and conditions concise
Getting to know the CPs
become aware of their needs and expectations
identify and accept the different learning styles
invest some time and thought into forum discussions
become aware of their online learning style
make a schedule for online participation
accept that most e-learning comes from your peers
start and manage discussions in the Social forum
Quality of contributions
as emods, do not rely only on Completion report (ticks do not tell you anything about the quality of the work)
avoid vague contributions
make substantive contributions in forum discussions and wikis
Extra resources
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