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90 Day Plan for 8/6/2014

Regional Manager first 90 days

Robbie Hall

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of 90 Day Plan for 8/6/2014

First 30 Days
Days 31-60
Days 61-90 Continued
Days 61-90
- Sales Person
- Manager of Sales People
- Strategic Planner
- Coach
- Recruiter
- Mentor
- Closer
- Relationship Builder
- Cheerleader
- Disciplinarian
- Confidant
Handling issues to keep my team focused on selling

Continue to fine tune pipeline and funnel with sales team

Continue to help sales team grow existing business with strategic products and customer education.

Review recruiting process for areas with new hire opportunities, if needed.

Continue personal training and education along with my team members

Continue to be part of helping to continually grow what will be the #1 ranked region in the Nation.
Kickoff meeting with executive team

Set up base of operation.
Northeast- Philadelphia, Baltimore area
Northeast Central- Columbus, Cincinnati area

Communications- HR paperwork submitted, new business cards

Learn and master all Rittal internal processes, procedures required of being a Regional Manager i.e. Forecasting, funnel, etc....

Meet with my entire support team-Expectations, Time, Team Building...

Begin process of transition to be able to handle issues.
Meet with executive team to review and assess last 60 days

Continue with all steps from first 60 days that have been successful

Meet with leadership team and develop future game plan. Next 90 Days

Begin network with fellow regional managers, directors, and top sales representatives across country.

Continue joint sales calls

Develop strategies for each sales person
Presented by Robbie Hall
A Plan for Success
Regional Manager
Day Plan
Prove my ability to successfully manage my team.

Have month after month success growing and maintaining revenue.

Manage most successful team in the Nation.

Help Rittal Corporation increase its market share by steadily acquiring new customers while maintaining the existing.

Become the #1 region in the nation by a landslide!

Results of 90 Day Plan
The Purpose of this plan is to clearly identify and communicate my objectives, processes, and goals in order to successfully perform results as a Regional Sales Manager for Rittal Corporation.
The capability and cooperation of our staff harnessed to their goal focused motivation is a key asset of our company.

The Regional Sales Manager is:
-1st Company Principle of the Friedhelm Loh Group
Review first 30 days with executive team

Continue work on funnel, forecasting, procedures....

Continue team/personal education and training, utilizing
HR and upper executive mentorship.

Maintain open communication with sales team and address
immediate needs. Trust, Team, Individual

Go on as many field sales calls as possible

Develop next steps to maximize sales of standard product.
Ensure all team members are exploring new sales opportunities

Maintain high level of contact with department heads. Customer service, Production, Finance, etc.... Are we on the same page?

Ensure all plans for first 30 days are completed

Report on progress for this 30 day period and gather feedback from my sales team

Days 31-60 Continued
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