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Jorge Argueta

No description

Margaret Perez

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Jorge Argueta

Jorge Argueta is poet and author to many award winning books.
He has written many bilingual award winning books.
He was born in El Salvador and immigrated to San Francisco in 1980s.
He holds many workshops and presentations in different setting, from schools to hospitals.
At presentations he teaches creative writing from elementary level to college level.

- Jorge believe everyone can become a poet, particularly young children.
-Jorge is a cultural active person within his community and helps families and children in El Salvador.
- Audience preschool- 4th grade
Culminating the Study
Image by Tom Mooring
Jorge Argueta
Author Study
By Margaret Perez

This book of poems, dreams, and memories is based on the life of Jorge Argueta. The poems are based on when he and his family first arrived to the states. He goes back into the memory of his hometown EL Salvador where there is no running water and electricity.
- Brainstorm a list of dreams and memories students may have
- Have students write a one stanza poem of a particular dream or memory

Alfredito and his family are flying home to El Salvador and he expresses how nervous he is. Alfredito talks about his visit with family and back home.
- Map and calculate the distance between El Salvador and San Francisco, California.
- Choose a destination they would like to visit and write why

Luna is a little girl experiencing her first day at school. She learns to overcome her fear of being away from her parents.
- Highlight idioms found throughout the story
- Students create their own idiom and share
- Write a short paragraph on a first experience and with include feeling words

Xochitl expresses how her family once had a flower garden in El Salvador. After some time they are able to open up a flower business in their backyard.
- Brainstorm places that make community welcoming
- Students write about a place they would like to create or add to their community.

Introducing the
- Display a map of Central America with the location of El Salvador highlighted
- Display a picture of Jorge Argueta along with books published in the classroom library or reading area
- Introduce poems and poetry to students and display poems throughout the classroom.
- Give students a list of books written by Jorge Arguenta
- Have books available to read during independent reading .
- Have students make a book- to book, book- to self, or book- to world connection.
- Create a class book on poems created during the activities.
- Allow students and family members to share their cultures and customs and compare and contrast with Jorge Argueta's books.
Jorge Argueta is an appropriate author for English Language Learners for several reasons. His book are not only in both English and Spanish but they are full of bright illustrations that catch any readers eye. He also tells stories that young readers can relate to, such as separation. Along with his vivid illustrations and stories he uses stories from his past to share with his young readers. He inspires young readers to become young writers as well.


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