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Justifying a Scheme of Work in Lifelong Learning Sector

How do you justify Schemes of Work in terms of meeting both the needs of the learner and curriculum requirements?

Stuart Mitchell

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of Justifying a Scheme of Work in Lifelong Learning Sector

curriculum requirements
vs. student needs learning
theories Honey and Mumford aims object ves assessment
methods SMART targets Blo m teaching and
approaches resources VAK multiple intelligencies every
matters health
safety background
information funct ona
sk lls Kolb left brain vs. right brain what ? the what and/or the why the how identify explain list evaluate analyse consider demonstrate plan reflect build calculate compare create debate describe design discuss draw find curriculum what needs to be considered? learners how do we consider their needs? psychomotor - cognitive - affective building learning power Bloom's Taxonomy Demonstration Self directed practical experimentation Guided practical work Guided whole group discussion Small group discussion Pairs discussion Debate Individual Project work Directed research Self directed research Podcasts Wikis On-line discussions Poster presentation team games peer coaching be healthy stay safe enjoy and achieve make a positive contribution achieve economic well-being assessment prior knowledge and experience personal issues access routes maths English ICT risk paper based new and emerging technology e-learning webquests real working environment visual auditory kinaesthetic diverging assimilating converging accommodating activist reflector theorist pragmatist linguistic logical-mathematical musical bodily-kinaesthetic spatial-visual interpersonal intrapersonal logic detail facts language maths science feeling imagination symbols images philosophy religion specific measureable achievable realistic timebound for learning? of learning?
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