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People and Events That Shaped Australian History

famous australian people and events

shravan anantha

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of People and Events That Shaped Australian History

FAMOUS AUSTRALIANS AND SIGNIFICANT EVENTS Victor Chang was born in 21st November 1936 in Shanghai. His parents were Chinese Australian Born. They named him Victor Peter Chang Yam Him. He grew up in Shanghai. He was educated at Kowloon Tong Primary school and St Paul’s College in China. In 1953 he moved to Australia and Studied at Christian Brother’s High School and In 1960 Graduated as a Bachelor of Medical Science at The University of Sydney.
One of the problems he faced was that at the age of 12 his mother died of cancer.
Victor was well known for being one of Australia’s best Cardiac Surgeons. He was very skilled in heart transplantations. Victor Chang died when a group of people whom he refused to pay 3 million dollars to, shot him in the head. Albert Namatjira was born in 28 July 1902 with the name of Elea. He was an Indigenous Australian artist. After being baptised he was renamed.
At the age of thirteen Albert experienced an important Aboriginal ritual - initiation.
As one of the Aranda tribe, he lived in the bush for six months and was taught traditional laws and customs by tribal elders.
Work as a camel driver took Albert through the country he would later paint, the dreamtime places of his Aranda people. By this time he had married Ilkalita, a member of a neighboring community.
In 1934 two Melbourne artists came to the mission to paint, this inspired Albert to paint. Albert made a negotiation , he told one of the painters where to paint and he was taught how to paint. In 1938 Albert was a well accomplished painter and even the queen enjoyed his art. He died in 1959, two years after being granted citizenship.
Federation is the joining of the SIX BRITISH COLONIES OF AUSTRALIA.
What happened?
Until the 1870’s the six separate colonies of Australia had no relation whatsoever. But then people realised a whole nation would be stronger in terms of immigration, defence and economy.
In 1880 Sir Henry Parkes convinced the 7 leaders of the colonies (Tasmania Inclusive) to re think the idea of federation. They talked about the different constitutions in Britain, Switzerland and America.
Later in 1901 Federation began and Sir Edmund Barton of New South Wales was the first ever Prime Minister of Australia.
The First Fleet is the name given to13 May 1787 with about 1,487 people, including 778 convicts (192 women and 586 men), to establish the first European colony in Australia, in New South Wales. The fleet was led by Captain Arthur Phillip. The ships arrived at Botany Bay between 18 and 20 January 1788. There were 11 ships (2 naval escorts, 6 convict ships and 3 Food and Supply Ships.
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