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How Poverty Affects Student Learning

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Kayla Linhart

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of How Poverty Affects Student Learning

Poverty's Role in Education How do schools normally classify student's in poverty level? Poverty Level Schools Tend to have a hard time finding teachers lack of effort Average Schools with Poverty level Students How do the students interact??? Poverty Statistics In America alone, 13 million children live in poverty Every 35 seconds a baby is born into poverty 26,000 to 30000 children will die today due to poverty many times the kids in the poverty level tend to be outcasts or trouble makers They do not have all of the coolest clothes and are not considered cool, which is where uniforms would definately help Poverty Students Generally... lack vocab and tend to struggle with standardized testing Do not have a good home enviornment Students do not recieve education help from parents Struggle with reading Have low school attendence Do not have the school material needed Parents are normally never seen Do not do their homework gangs violence Pay But Why?? With materials, sometimes students can't afford them, while other times they are just to lazy to go out and buy them Entertainment means everything Students who are in poverty normally come from an uneducated household Students who deal with poverty many times lack creativity and the desire to learn, grow and explore Youtube video:
Child Poverty in Amerca
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