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Steven Spielberg: A Biography

2nd Quarter Book Report Presentation

Diego Santos

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Steven Spielberg: A Biography

Steven Spielberg: A Biography Presentation By: Diego Santos Background Information Born on December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio to Arnold Spielberg and Leah Adler (age 66)
Family of Jewish Orthodox religion
Grew up in the cities of Haddon Township, New Jersey to Scottsdale, Arizona, to Saratoga, California (with his dad after his parents' divorce)
Currently lives with his second wife, Kate Capshaw in their homes in New York City, California, New York, and Florida Important People His Family Steven's family supported his goal of becoming a film-maker. Steven's father let him use his 8mm camera, his mother helped run his "home theater," where he showed his films to neighborhood children for 25 cents, and his sisters, Anne, Sue, and Nancy even starred in his movies when he was around the beginning of his teens. His Favorite Film-makers Steven loved watching movies even though he wasn't allowed to as a child. Some of the film-makers who inspired Steven to express himself in film were Cecil B. DeMille, Walt Disney, and George Lucas. Timeline 1946 - Born on December 18 in Cincinnati, Ohio 1954 to 1958 - Steven makes home movies using his father's old camera; At age 12, he made his first amateur movie titled, "The Last Gun" 1963 - First independent movie to been shown in theaters titled, "Firelight" 1965 - Graduation from Saratoga High School ("worst experience of my entire life") and divorce of his parents 1968 - Signs with Universal Studios and becomes one of the youngest directors at age 22 1977 - Steven's love of science-fiction helps release "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" 1982 - "E.T." is released, based on Steven's parents' divorce when he wanted a friend that could be both a brother and a father 1985 - Marriage to Amy Irving,
later divorced 1991 - Marriage to Kate Capshaw, Steven has a total of seven kids from both marriages and adoptions 1993 - "Schindler's List" is released, a movie about a German businessman who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust Major Events In 1952, Steven Spielberg saw his first movie, at the age of five, in Camden, New Jersey. He saw "The Greatest Show on Earth" by Cecil B. Demille with his dad. He was so fascinated by the moving pictures that this was probably the moment he realized he wanted to make films. In 1975, Steven Spielberg rose to fame as "Jaws" was released, a horror movie about a killer shark terrorizing a New England town. "Jaws" received 5 major awards and 11 major nominations claiming the top spot as Steven's most acclaimed movie. In 1993, "Jurrasic Park" was released, a movie about an amusement park of cloned dinosaurs. This movie earned over 915 million dollars, making it the highest-grossing film of Steven's. These three events changed his life and helped make Steven Spielberg one of the most-known directors of all time. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a film-maker. Life Lesson Steven Spielberg was bullied and harassed during his teens because he was Jewish. He was actuallly embarrassed of his religion. To make things worse, his parents divorced and he moved away from his sisters. Steven overcame these obstacles and used his feelings to direct great movies that the whole cinematic world knows. His life lesson that he lived by was that anyone can overcome any obstacle. He incorporated this lesson into many of his movies and influenced people like Tim Burton, James Cameron, and Joss Whedon to incorporate their childhood, feelings, and experiences into their movies. The things that Steven Spielberg has gone through in his life made his movies seem more "real." Interesting Facts Steven couldn't go to film school because of his poor grades so he went straight to Universal and signed with them. Steven was afraid of everything as a kid. He used that fear to create great home movies. He scared his sisters all the time. Now, he can scare the masses. Six films that were directed by Steven Spielberg have been the highest-grossing of its year. Steven was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2007. If Steven wasn't in film, he would probably be in music. Steven Spielberg's net worth is 3.2 billion dollars. Book By: Joseph McBride
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