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Music Marketing Campaign

No description

Chanel Francis

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Music Marketing Campaign

Purpose Of A Marketing Campaign (How)
Elements Of A Marketing Campaign
Build Relationships
Communication! that is the top way to build relationships with our fans especially on Facebook, for example all of our contacts on Facebook, we have some relationship with them, it be; friends, family, friends of family etc.
Find Out Info On Demographic
Music Marketing Campaign
Kelly No.5
Half Way There
Raise Awareness
Sell Products
Establish/Build On The Band
We would start by performing at small venues and get abit of exposure and hopefully once that's happened we will start to tour with up and coming bands. The only negative part of touring and performing is that if not many people turn up then you're still not getting exposed
The main exposure that Kelly No.5 can get through the internet is mainly social networking sights such as; Facebook, Twitter etc. The other good way of getting more fans and people listening to our music is to put our music onto popular music sharing website such as SoundCloud, Emeraz etc. Once you get a specific amount of exposure on the internet you're more likely to get discovered quicker
We would start by going to indie radio stations (ones that play unsigned/unrecognized artists/bands) and see if they would play our material, which would then hopefully lead to more exposure and possibly some with a more advanced knowledge within the music industry that can get us more exposure and more fans
Targeted Advertising
Research Contacts
Promote Up & Coming Activities
Boost Positive PR
2 Way Communication
Build Loyal Street Team
Capitalize On The Hardwork Of Similar Bands/Artists
W.O.M (Word Of Mouth)
Demographic Analysis
We would by start putting posters up around the college and possibly around the town center's to broaden our fan base and create events on Facebook. When it comes to Facebook there are a lot of things that we can do to raise awareness such as events, communicating with our fans. This could also be a negative because if we don't know many people and they don't help by showing our music to there friends or we don't expand on our own exposure then our fan base will continue to remain at a low count.
We would start by performing in small venues such as colleges and possible town centre's to boost our fan base. As our track is computer based, we can also have live instruments as it works with both. Although this can be a negative point especially if we use our computer created version.
As we go to Amersham & Wycombe College we definitely have an advantage when it comes to selling products, as there are a lot of pupils! Although the only negative point about this, is that not every student will like our genre of music, other than that we have a very strong selling point when it comes to the college, which can also lead to people outside of the college.
Our target audience through Facebook would, firstly be our friends & family and the age group of 12+ girls/LGBT community which will hopefully lead to exposure as most of our friends associate with other friends that could like our genre of music. The only problem with targeting our specific audience on Facebook is that not everyone is on Facebook, especially people of that audience
When researching contacts through Facebook it is important to know the genre of our music as it can become a big help when searching for contacts as if our band has the same genre as an already popular artist and people like that page it will show similar pages like the above and thus getting people to have a look through our page. The only thing that would jeopardize this would be that not all pages have that feature.
There is also the possibility that there are Facebook pages for the type of jobs that we need.

The only problem with targeting this kind of audience on Facebook is that not everyone is on Facebook, especially people of that audience (manager/promoters)
When it comes to promoting up and coming activities, it will be mostly gigs, Facebook has a very handy 'Add Events' app which can help a great deal when it comes to promoting up and coming gigs especially because you can make the specific event public or private to the Facebook clientele. The only problem with this app is that not everyone has Facebook and the problem with putting events on private is that you can only add you friends and they can add there's which could lead to not that much exposure. Another problem with that is that if your fellow fans don't forward the event then hardly anyone will turn up so it will result in not much exposure!
To start off with our press kit would contain Demo CD's and artwork of our band and show it to different promoters and radio station's to get more exposure for our band.
When finding out information on our demographic we would start with creating different surveys and questionnaires and give them to our fans, friends, family etc. and see what kind of music they relate to, to get an idea at what kind of demographic we will be looking for
Genre - RnB
Related Bands/Artists - Ashanti, R-Kelly, Mary J Blige
Time Signature - 4/4
BPM - 175
Structure - I,V,C,V,C,V,C,B,C
Most fans perception of us would mostly be positive as we both are still in college and can relate to our typical type of fans (12+ girls/LGBT community). Another way our fans perception of us through Facebook would be what we post online for our fans to see, on our official band page and our own pages. To keep a positive PR we would try keep our fans up to date with what upcoming activities we have and what we are doing day to day (e.g. recording).
The only negative point of boosting positive PR would be, if we post or do something that could be considered bad or inappropriate on Facebook that could lead to bad exposure that could lead to us losing our fans.
Facebook is one of the most popular and common social networking site to keep fans up to date with upcoming events, recordings, releases etc. That's why for our band it is the best way to keep communication with fans and respond to posts about anything and everything, which can lead to more fans as they feel that we care about the possible opinions and questions for our band, songs and possible experiences .
Again the only problem with 2 way communication is that not all fans, possibly already met/obtained at college or socially, might not have Facebook.
There are probably only three types of people (relating to Facebook) that would be a great street team for our band it would either be Family, Friends or Fans. Either one would be a big success, purely because they would be determined and dedicated to helping us with our fan base. However the best choice for the job throughout Facebook would probably be our fans because they would be absolute thrilled and dedicated to doing a great job and could be a great experience for them, as well as that it would be great to add to there CV's if they were looking to getting into that specific field. This could also lead to more exposure for us if the street team have a lot of connections around more than one area.
The only problem with Fans becoming the street team would be, dependent on how we would advertise this job role/opportunity other fans might take it the wrong way if not picked and not want to be apart of our fan base anymore
As our genre is RnB we would focus on finding managers and/or promoters within RnB artists on Facebook for example; Mary J Blige, R.Kelly, Ashanti etc. Focusing on the more popular artists will give us more of a chance of getting discovered by a manager and/or promoters. The only problem with capitalizing on the hardwork of similar bands/artists is that not all the Facebook pages for the specific bands/artists aren't there official pages and have only been create by there fellow fans so it could become very difficult to find managers/promoters for those specific genres to boost our fan base and popularity.
Most of Kelly No.5 current fan base (Facebook, college friends) are into all different genres for example most of Kelly No.5's fans listen to; Pop, Rap & Metal etc. Not many people listen to RnB as much as they used to but with our style of music people don't have to like the genre as most people can/could relate to the lyrics of the song.
When it comes to Facebook, there are alot of apps connected with Facebook that can help us determine which of our friends/fans will like our music for example; Shazam, Spotify etc. This, in the long run, will be a very helpful tool for us to expand our fan base.
The only problem with this is that; not all of our friends/fans might not have Facebook and not all of our friends/fans might not like our music/lyrics altogether
Demographic Analysis on Facebook can have its advantages but has more disadvantages than good. For example not everyone has Facebook so if we were to try and broaden our demographic with questionnaires and surveys, unless our current Facebook fans pass them on, on different social network sites or by printing them off it could lead to a halt on more fans. However people on Facebook who can easily access these specific surveys and questionnaires create to broaden our demographic can help a lot anyway. But to prevent current and future fans getting bored of the questionnaires and surveys we would have to keep the short and sweet so it doesn't end up as a random choice which could lead to us not having accurate information for our demographic analysis
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