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Make Waves @ the Library

Teen Summer Reading @ Marysville Library

Laura Henley

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Make Waves @ the Library

Make Waves
@ the library

Gift certificates, t-shirts, books, movie tickets, an iPod Touch or a laptop!
All you have to do is review books online
"But What Do I Read?"
I'm so glad you asked!
"But I don't like to read.
So I'm, like, totally bored right now"
That's ok. There are other ways to win.
"But you're a library. All you DO are books!"
Well, actually. That's not true...

Downloadable Content
Graphic Novels (ok, those are books, too)
Wii, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR
Need volunteer hours?
Want to pick programs?
And do you know what else?
And just to make it a little better
If you don't want to review books, you can still have a chance to win some prizes by coming to programs.
Every Marysville Library program you attend will give you ONE more entry into the Marysville Prize drawings.
Unfortunately, attendance doesn't count toward the Sno-Isle-wide prizes, like the laptop.
But it does count toward monthly prize drawings and the iPod Touch (If you submit 5 reviews)!
Monday, July 19th @ 2pm
Every review you submit is one entry into the drawings.
But really, you can read whatever you want to read.
It just has to be at or above your reading level - so something from the teen or adult sections of the library.
For that laptop and other stuff I mentioned.
Reveiw 5 books and receive 1
free book
at the Marysville Library
do you win such awesome stuff?
but wait, there's more!
do you submit these sure to be fabulous reviews?
Because, while *I* love reading, I mostly just want EVERYONE to...
Pizza and Games
Thursday, June 17
You bring the Squirt Guns, We'll have the Water Balloons
Monday August 2nd 2pm
Mondays 2pm July 12th & 26th, August 9th & 23rd
Wipe Out (Library Edition)
Saturday, July 24 AFTER-HOURS! 7-10pm
2pm Monday August 16th
It's all free
Submissions start June 1st
Every single review will be read - and the very best will appear on the Sno-Isle Teens website. Hint - be honest in your reviews - not liking a book - and saying so - is perfectly cool.
Progams happen at 2pm every Monday through July and August, plus some after-hours programs on Fridays and Saturdays, and some Wednesday evenings.
And the prize drawings? They happen live. At "Pizza, Books, and Prizes"!
You don't have to be there to win, but extra prizes will be awarded to teens who come!
It is summer, after all.
That's a Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook computer!
That's a Sno-Isle Teens "Infamous for Information" T-Shirt
That's are movie tickets and gift cards to Jamaba Juice and Best Buy.
You know what that is.
8GB for Marysville
32GB Librarian's Choice
: )
: )
Button Making & Marbleized Paper
Choose Your Character at the Marysville Library Information Desk
Murder Mystery Night!
6pm Wednesdays July 28 & August 25
Pizza! Books! Prizes!
Last Day of School!
3:30pm Wednesdays June 2nd & 16th, July 7th & 21st, August 4th
Wed. 6/9
Wed. 6/16
Wed. 6/23
Fri. 6/25
Wed. 6/30
Fri. 8/13
All Movies start at 6:30. Friday movies are AFTER-HOURS!
Teen Advisory Group!

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