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Saturday Night Live

No description

Erin Crutchley

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Saturday Night Live

The Hosts and the Music The Cast Notable Skits The Future of SNL To this day there has been 129 cast members Season 1-5 and the influence on America in the 1970s Saturday Night Live Chevy Chase John Belushi Season 1-4 Dan Aykroyd Season 1-4 Season 1-2 Jane Curtain Season 1-5 Garrett Morris Season 1-5 Laraine Newman Season 1-5 Gilda Radner Season 1-5 Bill Murray Season 2-5 Each episode featured a musical guest and a host but on occasion there were hosts who were also the musical act The Rolling Stones October 7, 1978 Saturday Night Live is know for it's off the wall comedic sketches. Many of the jokes and continuous sketches that the American people have embraced were created in the 1970s. The most controversial moment on SNL was the April 22, 1978 episode during the Weekend Update One of the many reasons that "Saturday Night" was so successful had to do with the cast. Each member of the "not ready for prime time players" were established actors or thriving comedians. The show finished its 38th season this past Saturday Night Steve Martin as host Season 2 Martin and Aykroyd Two Wild and Crazy Guys The Weekend Update Memorable Sketches Chevy Chase as President Gerald Ford Pushing the boundaries
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