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Refining and Assessing Our

No description

Bri Hays

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Refining and Assessing Our

Outlining Department Goals and Objectives
Developing Measurable Administrative Unit Outcomes
Assessment Plans: How will you know if you achieved the desired outcome?
What is one thing you would like to accomplish in today's workshop?
Review your department
mission statement and goals

Refining and Assessing Our AUOs
Workshop Objectives
Review department mission statements
Outline key services and department goals
Articulate the difference between goals, objectives, and outcomes
Describe the characteristics of measurable AUOs
Refine and redesign AUO statements
Develop an assessment plan
Draft preliminary survey items
Differentiating Between Goals and Objectives
High-level, broad aims
of the organization or department
Overarching principles derived from the mission
Guide decision-making
What is your criteria for success?
Goals are...
General, abstract
Difficult to measure if not accompanied by objectives
Goal Examples:
Develop administrative systems to enhance productivity (IT)
Attract, develop, and retain the talented people necessary to deliver the highest quality services to our students and community (HR)
Protect the College's assets by implementing and utilizing efficient and timely financial policies and procedures (Cashiers)
Objectives are...
Derived from goals
Specific, measurable steps en route to a goal
May be operational- or performance-focused
Objective Examples
Automate student admission processing, curriculum and program tracking (IT)
Increase employee awareness of hiring policies and procedures (HR)
Decrease the turn-around time for travel requests (Bus. Services)
Measureable AUOs
Things to consider:
Who are your consumers?
What functions and services are offered?
What should the consumer gain from the service?
What operational efficiency should be achieved?
Activity: Refine Your AUOs
What services are most central to your department goals?
AUO Assessment Plans:
How will you assess your AUO?
Data sources?
Internal data
Service utilization tracking
Web site visits
Other data sources
# of consumers served
% of consumers satisfied
Average turn-around time for a process
Awareness level for service or process
If you plan on using a survey to assess one or more AUOs...
First ask: Is a survey the best way to assess the AUO?

Which AUO(s) will the survey address?
Who should be included in the survey?
What types of information is most pertinent to the AUO?
When should the survey be deployed?
Draft and deploy a survey appropriate to your revised AUO(s)
If yes...
Next Steps
Administrative Services Workshop
March 12, 2014
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