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The giver and 1984

No description

Ricardo Tapia

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The giver and 1984

THe Giver and 1984
by Ricardo Tapia The Giver It is a 1993 novel writing by Louis lowry
It is set in a futuristic society that is presented
first as a utopian society, but gradually,
it seems more like a dystopian.
PLOT The story is about a 12 years boy name
Jonas. The autority has eliminated
the pain and the memory for everyone in his society.
Jonas is selected to recieve all information
about the time before that regime. When Jonas recieve
all memories for previous receptor "The Giver"
he realizes how much changed the humanity. 1984 This is a distopic fiction film starring
by John Hurt and Richard Burton. It is
based on the book of George Orwell.
The main character is Winston Smith
(John Hurt) In 1984 the world is divided into three states, dominated by absolutist governments to prohibit any expression of pleasure. Winston, an Outer Party worker in the Ministry of Truth, is writing a diary that may be cause for arrest, torture and subsequent "evaporation." His life is complicated when he meets Julia, with whom he begins a clandestine relationship, which remain outside the scope of wakefulness cameras to the people, to crush any hint of rebellion. Dystopian World
Superficial Society
surveillance society
Use of Telescreen
Jonas like Winston
Thanks for you attention !!!
Comparison between 1984 and the giver Plot
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