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How To Use Prezi

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Allie Hellard

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of How To Use Prezi

Ok so now we will teach you how
to jazz up your prezi .

How To Use Prezi

If you watched our first prezi on how to use prezi (basic) or you have previous experience with prezi you will know what to do first.
If you didnt then this will make no sence to you.

Inserting Videos
To do this you will first go to the insert tab, then...
With prezi you can also insert symbols, arrows, lines, and highlight things
Twist pictures and place text inside the picture to keep the audience awake. You can also put pictures inside of text.
Locate the customize button and click on it
When you first click new prezi it ask you to choose a template, but if you want to change the colors you will...
Click on choose a file
or select one of the themes.
Symbols, Arrows, ect.
Click on insert and all of
these choices will be there
Click on youtube video
This box will appear and you will type in the youtube link
Background Music
First go to the insert button and click on it
Then click on "Add Background Music"
Then find your Music and click open
Go to the Insert button, then go to the bottom and click on the power point button

How To Put A Power Point In Prezi
How to add Voice Over
Click on Insert Click Add voice over
Then find your power point
Step one Step Two Step Three
Once you click on Add voice over
A box with all your voice over files
Should appear(To get your voice over file to appear you have to make a voice over file using a voice over software and save it to your computer) click on your file and it should appear on your presentation.
By:Allison Hellard & Natalie Romine
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