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Struggles of the First Nations During the time of New France

A prezi about the First Nations struggles in New France

Raffi Fox

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Struggles of the First Nations During the time of New France

The Struggle of the First Nations During the time of New France
At the begining of the French's exploration of North America, they took lots of the First Nations from their homes, loaded them on to ships and took them to France where they never saw North America again.
The First Nations never had a choice.
The Habitants chose to be Habitants, the Fille du Roi chose to be Fille du Roi, the Clergy decided to be Clergy, the Seigneurs chose to be Seigneurs and the Coureur de Bois chose to start being Coureur de Bois. The First Nations never had a choice in all this.
The French learned how to survive in North America from the First Nations, but they would treat the First Nations like second class citizens even though without the help of the First Nations the French would have just bumbled around North America like idiots.
This has been my presentation about the group I think had the greatest struggle of all in New France. You have seen how some little things could cause conflict in New France, now think about what would happen if they were one large bad thing. The French could have been pushed out of Canada and it may have developed totally different from what we know it as today.
The struggle I will be focusing on is how the First Nations weren't treated fairly by the French.
I chose this struggle because it has lots of different viewpoints. For example, one European might have thought of the First Nations as nothing more than a group to get furs from. Another European might have thought that the First Nations were savages, and a clergy member/missionary might have thought that they were dumb or servants of the devil. Even though lots of these people were in the minority, they still caused lots of bad things to happen to the First Nations.
Who They Were: The First Nations were people who lived in North America long before any of the Europeans came. They were content with their lifestyle and had an abundance of natural resources. There were six main groups of First Nations: the Iroquois, the Pacific Coast First Nations, the First Nations of the Mackenzie and Yukon River Basins, the Woodland First Nations, the Plains First Nations and the Plateau First Nations. The main religious teaching among the First Nations was that people should live in harmony with the environment. There wasn't lots of conflict between the First Nations, but when the Europeans came, rivalries started between the different groups . Also, lots of First Nations fought and died for the French and the British in their fights for land.

Some missionaries were very religious and if the First Nations rejected converting to Catholicism, the missionaries would have soldiers destroy the First Nations villages.
Some missionaries greatly believed in their religion and thought that anyone who wasn't Catholic served the devil. Lots of them would destroy the religious items (e.g., texts, carvings and altars) and force them to convert.
This could have caused struggles in New France because if the missionaries kept destroying villages and religious items, the First Nations might eventually attack churches and destroy everything inside. This would cause the French to attack the First Nations and possibly start a war.
Many of the French abused the help of the First Nations.

For example, the Courer de Bois abused the help of the First Nations by hiding with them to escape the French authorities because the French didn't want to invade the First Nations because it would likely cause an incident which would harm the French. The Coureur de Bois would give the First Nations alcohol as thanks which was bad for the First Nations health.
This could cause conflict in the future because if the First Nations realized that the Coureur de Bois were using them, they would get angry and possibly get into a fight with the Coureur de Bois.
This could cause conflict in the future because the First Nations might get fed up with never being asked their opinion and the French doing anything they wanted to them and where they lived which could cause the First Nations to start a war with the French.
The French built their homes where they wanted to without asking the First Nations even if it was land that was sacred to the First Nations.
The French took many of the First Nations back to France against their will.
This could lead to future conflict because the First Nations in New France could rebel against the French out of anger from this.
I hope you understand my reasons for this and have enjoyed the presentation.
This has been another prezi by Raffi Fox.
Thanks for watching!
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