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No description

Bryant Lim

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Advertisement


The Squirter

The product has cleaned rust on this coin and also
wipes have many uses !
even works on dogs!
Speaking of Toxic
Although most products have very dangerous toxic and chemicals with the Squirter you have nothing to worry about
could clean many types of liquids

the product we have made is squirts it is a chemical used to clean and get rid of dust,dirt, and rust!!

hypoallergenic too !
wipes on many surfaces
Dirty glass
(The squirts also comes in wipes !)
Comes in many colors
Check out how and what it does.
Get your self a Squirter Spray today.
They're many other products to chose from but why spend so much money on those when the Squirter lasts longer and not as expensive
Our product is much like Windex uses almost the same chemicals like that they use but we add other chemicals that make it less toxic and dangerous. So
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