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ISL - A New Way to Think About Giving

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Evan Tighe

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of ISL - A New Way to Think About Giving

December 2, 1893
"Lack of money has long hampered the University."
"For nineteen years she has had no new dormitory."
The student body has doubled, almost [tripled] in these two decades without, however, a corresponding increase of faculty, -- rather a decrease."
May 6, 1920
From "History of the University of Georgia" by Thomas Walter Reed
"That pattern is clearly not sustainable"
-Michael F. Adams
State of the University Address
January 26, 2012
A $2500 per student decrease from 1998 to 2014
Harvard's endowment has averaged an annual rate of return of about 12.5% over the past 20 years
Adds up to $50. Your average Senior Signature gift.
...Let's start with nothing
Just 1 annual gift
100 years later...
So even if every UGA alumnus and student gave $1000 every year, it would take 100 years to catch up to Harvard?
Not quite...
People (including students) are asked for donations every day...
What's the difference?
Give someone a fish...
Teach someone to fish...
Greg Skowronski '99
Terry College of Business
Senior Financial Analyst
Habitat for Humanity International
Brian Bordainick '07
College of Education/Franklin College
Founder/Executive Director
9th Ward Field of Dreams
Camille Kesler '94
College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Junior League of Atlanta
Vivian Greentree '00, '01
Grady College/SPIA
Director of Research and Policy
Blue Star Familes
...there is a difference...
Where to give?
If that can go viral...
Raj Shah '06, '10
CAES/SPIA, School of Law
Was awarded a William Moore Crane Scholarship in 2005
"My experience on the Executive Board of The Arch Society was incredibly special to me. It truly defined my college experience and shaped who I am as a person."
-Raj Shah
Student Leadership Development Fund: #30912280
Honors Program Annual Fund: #30819740
Arch Society Endowment: #30711780
School of Public & International Affairs Fund: #30916480
College of Agriculture Fund: #30856980
Law School Fund: #30856990
U.S. Supreme Court:
Does not have a UGA Fund #
Multiplied by...
You do the math...
University of Georgia
"The Whole,..."
...and together...
We are


Rodney Bullard '12
Executive Director
Chick-fil-A Foundation
$800 million
$1.1 billion
$1.3 billion
$8.4 billion
$8.7 billion
$32 billion
Would you give UGA $20?
International Student Life Support Fund
Supports and provides programs and activities for international students at UGA; includes leadership programs, award recognition receptions, and the International Street Festival
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