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I'm Not Her

Book report for I'm Not Her, writen by Janet Gurtler.

Kayla Marie

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of I'm Not Her

I'm Not Her Setting and Introduction I'm Not Her was written by Janet Gurtler in 2011. The story takes place in modern time and the author gives us sense of it happening in a medium sized city. Throughout the book, you feel the heaviness that's being carried by the characters and how sad and depressing their situation is. The two main characters, Tess and Kristina go to high school together and are total opposites. Kristina is the athletic and popular girl while her sister Tess is the soon to be honor roll student with a secret love for art. This book was written in Tess's first person point of view. The only antagonist in the story is Kristina's battle with osteosarcoma, bone cancer. Point of View/Characterization This book revolved around one main idea. Family matters. Throughout Kristina's battle with cancer, only one friend stood by her side, Jeremy. Other than him, her family were the only ones that helped her through the physical, emotional, and physical pain. I believe this story is worth telling because I feel as though this generation is losing its family values and replacing it with electronics. The conflict in this story is man vs. destiny. It was Kristina's destiny, I think, to get cancer, she couldn't really avoid cancer and maybe this happened to her for a reason. Theme and Conflict One example of foreshadowing was when Kristina was at a party and she complained about her knee, but she " shook it off" and moved on. This foreshadowed her being diagnosed with cancer. Literary Devices/Figurative Language/ Quotes & Citations Exposition - At the party, you see Kristina's knee starting to hurt. by: Janet Gurtler Kristina Smith Protagonist Kristina is the popular, beautiful, "perfect," and athletic girl at school. She's worshiped by almost all of her peers until she's diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer. With her once long blonde hair now falling out and her leg replaced with a stump, she's the topic of gossip all over campus. Throughout her journey, she realizes it's not all about the perfect looks and she finds a true friend along the way. Tess Smith Protagonist Tess is brainy, artistic, and nerdy. She has been living in her sister's shadows for as long as she could remember. At school, she wasn't known Tess, she was called "Kristina's Sister." That is, until her sister is diagnosed with cancer, before she knows it, her life is being turned upside down. Although she's the youngest in the family, she's taking place as the "rock." Her honor roll goals are crushed because of her now low grades, and her best friend is long gone. She now knows that even the "rock" of the family needs some supporting too. Jeremy Jones Protagonist/Foil Jeremy is one of Kristina's many worshipers, but there's one thing that sets him a part from everybody else, he genuinely cares and adores Kristina. He not only likes her good looks but also her personality. Throughout the book, Kristina and Tess describe him as a freshman with a "baby face." When Kristina is diagnosed with cancer, he happens to see her at the hospital while visiting his mom who is battling breast cancer. Days pass and Kristina and Jeremy become close friends and when Kristina goes further into chemotherapy, he's the only one she will talk to. Jeremy brought out the strength in Kristina to keep fighting and never give up. He was strong in ways no one could imagine. Sadly, near the end of the book, Jeremy dies in a car crash while driving to meet Kristina at her house. Kayla Marie Martinez
Mrs. Berry Block 1
April 18, 2013 " I want to tell her that she's brave and I love her. But I don't know how to say it. Talking about things is not what I do"

- Tess Smith Near the end, Clark Trent nicknamed Superman acts like a "human shield" or defender. Tess ends up going to the dance with him and he somehow managed to save her from lonliness and depression. In the end, his nickname symbolised what he did for Tess, save her. Inciting Force - The day after the party, Kristina doesn't feel well so she goes to the doctor to get checked. Rising Action - After being diagnosed with bone cancer, she starts chemotherapy. Climax - Kristina finds out her body isn't responding to the treatment so she has to get half her leg amputated. Also, Jeremy ends up dying in a car crash Plot Falling Action - Kristina and Tess go to therapy and Kristina finally opens up to her sister. Resolution - Kristina is still staying home and Tess goes to the dance with Clark Summary Tess Smith always felt like she was in her sister's beautiful shadow. That is, until her only sister, Kristina, is diagnosed with bone cancer. In a blink of an eye, her life is turned upside down and inside out. She becomes the "rock" of the family, while her mother and father slowly drift apart. Her sister only talks to her new friend Jeremy, and Tess is growing into a beautiful teenager without anybody noticing. After weeks of chemotherapy, Kristina finds out her body isn't responding to the treatment, which means half of her leg must be amputated. Later in the story, her only true friend dies in a car accident. But even though the hardships the family has been through, they come together and have a true understanding of the values of family.
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