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Presentación CSC_GRUPO BIMBO_IQPC_v1.2

Presentación CSC Grupo Bimbo.

Francisco Gudiño

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Presentación CSC_GRUPO BIMBO_IQPC_v1.2

In Grupo Bimbo... We operate in different regions, languages and cultures. Grupo Bimbo is today the largest baking company in the world Leader in Mexico and Latin America.
With over 150 brands and 7,000 products.
One of the largest distribution networks in the American Continent with 50,000 routes reaching over 2 million points of sale.
More that 127,000 associates.
Revenue in 2011 of over $ 10,230 MUSD. In 2005 our Shared Services Center (SSC) started operating.

The SSC was created to consolidate and redesign the administrative, accouting and support functions of Grupo Bimbo.

More than 600 employees offer a wide range of services. In six years of operation we have: Performance through the years. Scope Governance Model. Defines the interaction between the areas inside the SSC, clients and corporate office through committees that establish roles and responsibilities in order to archieve results in line with the strategy of Grupo Bimbo. Managing with KPI´s. KPI´s Structure KPI´s Examples. 1. Quality. KPI - Payroll - # of incidents eliminated to analysis of commissions. Ejemplos de Indicadores. 4. Negocio. KPI - Cuentas por cobrar -# de pagos pendientes por aplicar. Thank you. "All that can be measured can be improved"

Peter Drucker. 2. Punctuality. KPI - Document Management - % of documents entered on time. 3. Productivity. KPI - Personnel Management - Movements processed per FTE. 4. Business. KPI - Accounts Receivable - # of payments pending to be applied. We focus on key aspects of four components Organizational KPI´s Are measured to determine if the SSC/Customer is achieving compliance with SLA objectives. - Focus on SSC and customer. KPI´s de la Organización Son mediciones para determinar si el CSC / Cliente esta logrando el cumplimiento de objetivos y del ANS. - Dirigido a Dirección CSC y Clientes. Process KPIs Are measured to determine whether each of the processes are meeting their goals. - Focus on process managers, teams and clients. Operational KPIs Measure whether each team is reaching established performance targets raised. - Focus on supervisors and analysts. Reverse KPI´s. Type of KPI. Quality. Punctuality. Timing Productivity. Cost. Business indicator Service Level. Process Analysis Decisionmaking Oversee Corregir Lag KPI
(Pasado) Lead KPI
(Future) Reversal KPI
KPI Indicates whether the client is reaching performance targets stipulated in the SLA. Indicates whether the SSC´s service level is reaching performance targets stipulated in the SLA. Data Analysis. Model KPI´s. Each indicator is accompanied by a colored stoplight and demonstrates a trend when compared with the previous month. Our Mission.
"To satisfy our clients , providing professional services with quality, efficiency and productivity."

Our Vision.
We are a Shared Services Center that provides services with high quality standards, productivity and competitive costs, generating added value via close communication with our clients.

• We are an extraordinary place to work
• We are a trustworthy team operating in a high tech, internal control environment
• We are recognized for our process efficiencies and our assistance in operation management
• We seek innovation through continuous process improvements that reflect our business approach
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