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Using a laser to measure the speed of light in gelatin

This is the presentation for the physics project.

RIver Galland

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Using a laser to measure the speed of light in gelatin

How fast is the speed of light in gelatin?
By, River Galland
Hypothesis: I believe that the speed of light will slow down once it passes through the gelatin
one clear plastic container
a box of clear jello
a protractor
a calculator
a laser
The data I got from this experiment
shows how fast the speed
of light is going after it
passes through the gelatin.
[Angle of entry] [Angle of refraction] [Refractive Index]
45 degrees 31 degrees 1.373
From this data I have collected, I noticed that the speed of light had slowed down. My calculations show that the speed of light has slowed down 173,000,000 mph in gelatin and that means my hypothesis was correct
because indeed the speed of light slowed down in gelatin.
After further analysis, my hypothesis was correct
I wanted to figure out how fast the speed of light was slowed down in gelatin
To find the speed of light through gelatin, you must pass a laser through the clear container filled with clear gelatin, and measure the angle of refraction. For my experiment I set up my container at a 45 degree angle and shined the laser through at that angle aswell. When I projected the laser the angle of refraction was 31 degrees.
Sin(45)/Sin(31)= .7071/.51501 which then converts to the refaction index which is 1.373
Then to find out how fast the speed of light was going through the jello you have to do 1/1.373x(6.71•10 to the power of 8
that then equals 4.89•10 to the power of 8 which equals 498,000,000 mph
My inspiration to do this assignment was because I really wanted to know if you could slow down the speed of light some way.
Once you found out what the refractive angle is for the gelatin you must then figure out the refraction index. To calculate the refraction index you must use this equation
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