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Fantastic Fossils

No description

Samantha Chen

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Fantastic Fossils

Fossils have been in this world for more then 560,000,000 years!
Fossils have been a important part of world history. There are many things we couldn't find out without fossils. They can be in many forms such as minerals, sediment, and rocks. Fossils can be molded, decayed, and be leftover bones from a dinosaur or some extinct creatures.
Brain Break!
A Journey Through Fossils!
By: Aashi, Samantha C, and Michael

Could fossils turn into minerals and sediment over time?
We learned that fossils
turn into minerals and sediment over time. There are layers of sediment, soil, and sand covering it. After it gets covered by the sediments, it then hardens over a period of time. The remains of the living thing decay or mold, leaving the fossil.
1. Some fossils such as bugs, animals, and plants are petrified and are frozen in some kind of solid or liquid.
2. There are many types of dinosaurs but here are two of them:
vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are dinosaurs with backbones, and invertebrates are dinosaurs without backbones.
3. When a bird dies, their feathers drop and leave a shape in the soil or sediments.
Could coal from fossils be a good place with minerals and nutritions to plant greenery?
We found out that coal helps the environment and is a good resource to plant in. Coal has lots of nutrition in it to make the plants grow better. It helps the plants and increases their amount of health.
It has chemicals with other plants in it that make the plants roots strong.

What is the most common dinosaur fossil found?
One of the most common fossils is called the Raptorex. People call it the Mini T-Rex. Since it has tiny arms and has the structure of a T- Rex, it has the name of the Mini T-Rex. There are a lot more fossils that have been found but this one has been found by a lot of palaeontologists and archeologists!
The plants are lucky to have the nutrition and health to survive.
Made by: Samantha C, Aashi, and Michael with the help of Dr.Bob!
True or False
1. The Raptorex is the rarest dinosaur fossil found.

2. Coal is good for the environment.

3. Fossils can turn into sediment and minerals over time.
Bye Bye!
Bye Bye!
Thank You for Watching!
A special thanks to :
- Pkearthscience
- Google
-Science for kids
Google Images (with
safe search on)
- National Geographic
Hello, I am Dr. Bob!
I am going to be helping you with A Journey through Fossils!
My cousins ,by the way!
Warning: I will be making random comments.
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