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No description

Jon Key

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Chessboxing

CHESSBOXING history Chess Boxing began when lepe Rubing was inspired by fictional depictions by a French comic book artist and flim maker Enki Bilal The first world championship was held in Amsterdam in 2003 and won by lepe Rubing. In July 2008 a 19 year old Russian Nikolai Sazhin won the world championship.
However in 2009 Nikolai "The Chairman" Sazhin lost to a younger fighter Leo "Granit" Kraft SKills World class chess boxers must be skilled boxers and chess masters. Rules A match consists of eleven alternating rounds of boxing and chess A competitor may win by knockout, checkmate, judges decision, or disqualification There is a one minute break between rounds Players must listen to music during the chess rounds Speed chess is used a form of chess in which each player has only 12 minutes for the whole game. Chess Boxers Iepe Rubing Soichirio the Cho-Yabai Nikolai Sazhin Equipment All standard boxing equipment is nescessary Where to play This sport can be played anywhere a ring and chess set are availible
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