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The Forbidden Kingdom

No description

Andrew Yang

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of The Forbidden Kingdom

About the movie

My opinion about this movie is great. I've seen this movie a lot but it still surprises me. This movie is an action movie but mostly comedy. I give this movie 5 stars I completely love it :).
My opinion
Here is a funny training scene.
This is another clip
The Forbidden Kingdom
critique by: Andrew Yang

This movie is about a boy named Jason and his adventure to save the forbidden kingdom and learning how to fight and meeting great companions.
this is a picture
of jason
Here is a
picture of
Jet Li

Here is a picture of Jackie Chan
Name: Lu Yan
Name:Silent Monk
Jet li also played the role of the monkey king
Other characters
Some other characters are the Witch, Jade Warlord, and Golden Sparrow.
????: (which character is which)
Jackie Chan was also played as old hop.
Here are 2 characters from the movie.
this is a fight scene
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