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Media Companies

Cassandra C, Willington A, and Kelvin Alvarez

Edith Castellanos

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Media Companies

* Use its power to reach public's good. Overviuew of the company Interesting Facts About the
Company Mission of the Company What else? History of CBS Holdings Online * Is a multi-media company.
* They distribute entertainment to audience around the world.
* This company owns "the most watched" television network. *CBS Corporation reaches not only alot of countries, but "Worldwide". * Began in 1927 with Arthur Hudson. * In 1938, CBS developed the
"long-playing records"
* CBS Interactive Impact Ready
Not Kelvin Alvarez
Willington Azcona
Cassandra Castellanos January 08, 2013 ESL /201 Ms.Rosado CBS Corporation Continuation... Holdings Newspaper
Magazines Television Film and Movies Books Music Beliefs of Company Argumentative THANK YOU! THE END! The CBS Corporation * Quality and Trusting news
coverage. * An influence as one of the "worlds leading medias company" * Announcements

*Community outreach
and support. CBS Holdings *They have more than 200 television stations The Network has the #1 drama/scripted programs * Releases films spanning all genres. *Financing, production and marketing of theatrical motion pictures.
"The Mechanic,"
"Beastly," “The Woman in Black”
“Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” * CBS films focus the development, financing, production and marketing of theatrical films. "Showtime" is part of this network. * The CW * CBS News * CBS Sports Network * CBS Studios International * CBS Television Distribution Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing CBS provides the best writing in
fiction and nonfiction. Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing

Simon & Schuster Audio

Simon & Schuster Digital CBS Radio CBS Connection * Watch!Magazine * There is approximately 87,3058 employees in Broadcasting TV. * CBS Corporation has a revenue of 3.4 Billions * New york- CBS Building, CBS Sport Network
*Los Angeles- CBS Films Inc. *They have "EcoMedia Corporation" *Williams S. Paley bought the Corporation for $400,000. * (Columbia Broadcasting System) * Started with 22 stations, within a decade stations increased to 114 stations. * Rivalry with NBC on the 1940s * 250 million people visit this term * Top 10 Globally
* Top 5 Nationally. * CNET,
* cbs.com
* cbssports.com
* tv.com
* GameSpot.com *1950s-1960s,
CBS "television" * First began as a radio station. *Breaking Point in 1970
*(New Tv Shows)
-Magazines - Books
- Music * CBS owned
Warner Brother Entertainment *Famous' Lives
* The Script -Provides Informational Content * News and Environmetal Care, - Entertains its audience appropriately * Reach publics good by "announcements" - * Outdoors Entertainments and Information. Logo? - Why the "eye"?
- What does it mean?
- Do you know? The vision and power of the people. What power? * Their programming * Their networks * Seeks to reach a diverse professional suppliers. * Their goal. * A big variety of genres * Have Tops songs available online. It benefits the society in many ways. "CBS Corporation, and its divisions are committed
to building an environment that values diversity
throughout the corporation and in its
business practices." "Diversity is best achieved through a collaborative spirit." * Diversity #1 show is NCIS "CBS Care" Here we come!
:) " "
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