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Viruses for 8th Grade Science

No description

Angela Meekey

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Viruses for 8th Grade Science

Disease – byproduct of reproduction Disease is the disruption of normal cell function.
Viruses using cells as a host to reproduce interrupt normal cell function
This in turns causes a multitude of diseases
The type of disease is based on what type of cells the virus uses as host cells
The common cold to AIDs is caused by viruses
Medications do not stop viruses, only the symptoms Virus Identification Virus are so small and change so quickly that there are several ways that scientist group viruses.
Type of Disease they cause
Life Cycle
Type of Genetic Material Viruses 8th grade Science The virus binds to the host cell
The DNA is inserted into the host cell
The DNA becomes an added piece of the host cell’s DNA
The cell grows and divides coping the viral DNA
The viral DNA separates from the host DNA and forms a new virus Lysogenic Cycle – Virus Reproduction Virus bind to the host
DNA is injected into the host cell
Host DNA is digested (broken into pieces)
Virus DNA copies are formed from the host DNA pieces
DNA is surround by covering
Lyses of the host cell releases several new viruses Lytic Cycle – A system of reproduction Crystals



Spacecraft (bacteriophases) Shape Are Viruses Living? Depending on your definition of life this answer can be tricky.
Viruses have genetic material within a protein coat.
Viruses cannot eat, grow, or use oxygen.
Viruses do reproduce, but only with the help of a host cell.
Viruses are parasites. They must be in a host cell to survive. DNA Viruses have a double strand of genetic material. RNA Viruses have only one strand of genetic material. Genetic Material Viruses Compare and Contrast Can live on their own.
Has a membrane
Has genetic material
Can reproduce on their own.
Uses and/or creates energy
Has organelles Cells Viruses Viruses are not cells (acellular) Cells Cannot live without a host cell.
Has a membrane
Has genetic material
Can reproduce with the help of the host cell
Does not use or create energy
Does not have organelles.
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