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International Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association

No description

Awais Iqbal

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of International Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association

International Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association
HETL Founded
In January 2010, Patrick Blessinger envisioned the idea for Higher Education Teaching & Learning.
Academic Digital Commons
In January of 2011, Blessinger envisioned the idea for a global “academic digital commons” based on an ethos of a global participatory culture
HETL Certified
With headquarters in New York City, on September 12, 2011, HETL became a legally certified not-for-profit association
HETL Technology Partners
In July of 2012, HETL partnered with the web development companies, Dot Solutions and Technologies and Faculty Academy, to provide technology and design services for HETL
Emerald Group Publishers
In August of 2012, HETL was selected by international academic publisher, Emerald Group Publishing, to manage the editorship of the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education (JARHE).
HETL First Book Series
In February of 2013, HETL sponsored and edited its first book series on the topic of increasing student engagement and retention using cutting-edge technologies.
First HETL Conference
In January of 2013, the first HETL conference was hosted by Melody Bowdon at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, USA, with the theme, Exploring Spaces for Learning.
Worldwide Network
How to become member?
Link: http://members.hetl.org/
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