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Happy 2015 :D

Elle Cheung

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of #JapaneseShips

The Journey
2015 :D
Hey Christina!
I love your random group chat pics haha
<You looked so different when you cut your hair :P
Thanks for all the fun times together this year,
whether at our houses,
or just hanging out around the neighborhood.
with Coco,
You're the best!
You're fun, hyper, bubbly, sweet, and sensitive, and you never run out of things to say! That's a good thing, especially with me who can't hold a conversation myself for my life hehe.
thanks for making your way into my life!
KATES!!!!!! <3
We've gotten so close in just a year!
Summer school was awesome with you, Kayes, and Terra! and ofc who could forget Mr. Vogt's stories.
You're so adorable, sassy, random and hyper!
(just like me. *hairflip. lol)
Thanks for all the fun times in school, after school, and in the library!
let's all hang out again lots next year :D
I feel like we've gotten closer this year!
Three Musketeers was fun ^^ I want to see your acting sometime!
You're really funny, and your way of speaking Japanese randomly is the best haha. Your timing's always on point too.
Anyway, thanks for making my year awesome!
eyyyyy Kayes!
although I knew Kates first, we got close pretty quickly too!
<my intro to THE cotton candy frap
hanging out at school>
We had so much fun 2014!
Summer school,
Book Buddies days,
library lunches,
all-over-the-place ships..
You're great to hang out with!
fun, down-to-earth, and sassy (not quite Kates level though),
with many many stories to tell.
Thanks for bearing with me! See ya next year~
SUP Matt!
My perception of you has gone a long way since my first impression.
First, it was
camera guy #2
Then we hung out a bit at school..
And you became
#1 stalker buddy
Then we hung out this year during jap
and you're now
Mr. Puns
Anyway, though we still don't know each other that well, I can tell that you're a great friend and good thinker.
Here's to an awesome new year!
Hey Myles!
(if you see this that is hehe)
You should come back to our chat every once in a while! It's actually pretty fun!
You seem like a nice person, though we never hear from you anymore..
We should all do another video project together sometime and hang out :)
Happy 2015!
You college undead physics-king tech-geek band boy you
We've had lots of fun times, but also many depressing opening up moments
I hope your love life gets better quickly :)
and if it doesn't.. well, you'll always have us
also.. please give me your technology skills.
The beginning....
..and the ship that started it all
Reed's pro photoshop skills are revealed!
summer chat shenanigans
Jessica, Christina, and Yuzuru Hanyu
twins, summer school, zoo, and HP!
first quarter school shenanigans
and %%%%%%%%%%%%%
...And the ships sail on
%nayes %nates %nelle
lovely pic there
christina's face though >
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