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Making a High School go green.

Kendra and I will create a school that will be powered by all solar lights. We will install closed loop geothermal heating into the high school.

Tyler Lucas

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Making a High School go green.

Double click anywhere & add an idea Solar Panels!

Solar panels make use of renewable
energy from the sun, and are a clean and
enviromentally sound means of collecting solar energy. Solar Domes!

Solar domes are unique, eco-friendly, long-lasting and require
virtuall no maintence. Perfect for a range of applictions across the
domestic, commercial and education markets, they make a striking
impact in any setting and bring an element of pride to any family,
school, community or commericial project. Large Windows!

Larger windows will allow more
natural sunlight to enter classrooms,
therefore on sunny days no electricty will
need to be used for lighting. Windmills!

The use of windmills reduces the use of
imported fules which overall saves the United
States money. The entire electricity of the school
can be powered by this one windmill.

Closed loop geothermal heating!

Geothermal heating is the production of warm and
cool air that is produced by deep wells that are drilled
into the earth. All heating and air conditioning will
be supplied all year round from the geothermal
heating system. Which overtime will save bundles
of money.
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