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2 million minutes

No description

Kayla Francis

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of 2 million minutes

Shanghai, China Xiaoyan Ruizhang Highest scoring math student in his school "If I succeed I can take enjoyment of being surprised" Focused in class, comes home and does homework then sits in front of computer and plays games or does computer programming "No one would call themselves a genius, I just use much better studying methods than others" Self described as interested and eager to learn Describes herself as a perfectionist School, Violin, Ballet Preparing for audition at Shanghai Conservatory for Music, degree in Music is her back up plan Violin instructor is one of the best violinists in China Cultural Revolution 1966-1976 One Child Law Amount of time school is in session and
amount of time spent studying outside of school Chinese economy is rapidly expanding Chinese Education System and It's Influences Conclusion Introduction Indiana What is 2 million minutes? USA - Indiana:
Neil and Brittany - Carmel High School
INDIA - Bangladesh:
Rohit and Apoorva - St.Pauls English School
CHINA - Shanghai:
Xiaoyuan and Ruizhang - Nanyang Model High School The "wiring of the world" Multinational corporation increasingly need for employees with knowledge of foreign languages and cultures Economic certainty Bangalore, India Apoorva Rohit My career is already chosen Everyone wants to be an
Engineer in India. Parents idea of success "American kids life is a dream, very light studying and light syllabus" Mom has helped with studies 17 in the U.S. means having a car and being involved in activities, they have much more fun. We are cooped up studying Very skilled at soccer Brittany Neil Top 3% of class, 3.94 GPA "There's a chance I'll actually start putting more effort into school work" Didn't study for the PSAT but he did so well on it that Purdue offered him a full ride scholarship Student Body President, Work, School "I cant study 20 hours a day, I have to kick back and have fun" Good social skills is something she has been raised to have Studying while watching Grey's Anatomy Education System 40% of students don't take more challenging classes than general biology Out of 29 developed countries, the US ranks 24 in math 13 million dollars on renovating their stadium and other sport facilities 90% of teachers teach science with out really having proper knowledge of the subject
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