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No description

michal granit

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of POU 1

Looking at things
from new points of view
help us: The Points of View theory
is about creating exactly this movement
inside our mind. of Points of View So, what's your point of view? It's nice to
meet you Yaron Golan Efrat Shani Psychology and Business
Marketing and sales Theater
Business and management
PhotoTherapy Yazam and Atidan Developement and creative 2002 Personal and executive coaching 2004 Pay it forward Coaching Studies 2005 Great
Idea!!! 2006 Research $ Creative process 2007 The Coaching Game
In Hebrew 2009 The Coaching Game
In English 2010 The Coaching Game
In German + A new game
In Hebrew 2011 Today More than 20,000 copies were sold

In more than 50 countries

at over 400 locations.

Our special international community etc.... New Product
Online Application
Sharing and working at a whole new level Everything we do
comes from one
Tfisat Olam: The Theory The Coaching Game Everything in the world has infinite Points of view

Infinite points of view. ? When we dont understand something
or dont agree with it
maybe we just can't see it... 180 The Big Baloon Story The big baloon represents many issues in our lives

sometimes we dont understand
because our perspective is limited. ? What can we do? Our Story Start moving! Ahhh...
I see... Look for new perspectives We however,
have a limited perspective. Henri Ford said:
"Quote of henri.... Its a quest, a search, a dance
it keeps us awake, sharpens our senses
keeps us interested, intresting... The more we move
the more we see

we collect more and more points of view For Example: I've been working in the same place for many years.
I need a change. I'm good at my work I have friends there I feel stuck I feel safe Adventure Travel It's time to grow not doing anything
has its price Take a Risk I'm going to be so proud of myself Clarity:
knowing what I want Make decisions Be Inspired Communicate Take action maybe it's all about
commitment? Making decisions Jackson Brown said:

Opportunities dance with those
who are allready
on the dance floor Do I feel guilty? Taking control Freedom Having a dream Saying goodbye Our creative tools
send your mind dancing
in the search for new
points of view Points of you, the coaching game
is a powerful tool
that stimulates thinking
and makes us move
in the search for our points of view Take a
Look The coaching Game contains: the book shows more POU on each issue
so you can look at it 360 degrees The Process chart helps us use different points of view
to look at our own personal issues A photo meets a title
and the impact is strong the heart of the game
are 65 cards showing 65 life issues The search for new POU begins The Note pad heps translate our insights to actions with Points of you, the coaching game you can:

Pause, change to a searching mode

bypass logic and automat thinking

create deep conversation with myself and with others

get inspired

and all that if a fun and playful way So...
Let's Play!
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